2018 Highlight Reel

I’m going to start the highlight reel from the middle of the year when things finally started picking up and being a bit happier sooo…May.

Here are 18 highlights from 2018.

Enjoy ❤

1. Got into law school.


2. Went to Taylor Swift’s reputation Stadium Tour in Pasadena, CA.


3. Spent LOTS of time in San Clemente with my best friend.


4. Chopped my hair off. Again.


5. Took lots of cute pics.


6. Moved into my new apartment in Salt Lake City.


7. Started law school.


8. Got an official headshot taken.


9. Had my first friend come visit.


10. Ran my first 5k on Thanksgiving with my best friend.


11. Ate. A lot.


12. Made a dope gingerbread house.


13. Went to the Marine Corps Birthday Ball with my best friend and sister.


14. Felt like a princess.


15. Went back to Bakersfield for Christmas.


16. Had a pajama Christmas party with some of my favorite people.


17. Went to see the lights at C.A.L.M. with Sadie.


18. Found myself.


“You can fail at what you don’t want

so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.”

-Jim Carrey


Gift Guide for Your Guy!

With finals happening right around Christmas time,
I always end up putting off my Christmas shopping…
But this year I tried to plan ahead!
if you’re anything like me and you still need some ideas,
let me help!
Buying gifts for Josh was a bit harder this year since he’s serving in the military.
He isn’t able to take a lot of things with him and rarely gets to wear civilian clothes
so that eliminated a lot of ideas for me.
(I like to buy clothes for him. Styling men is as fun as styling women for me!)
But, have no fear, I racked my brain
and came up with a list of things I knew he’d love and would find useful!
We’ll call this:
“Gift Guide for Your Guy- Marine Edition”
I recently received one of these watches for myself and fell in love.
The look of them is so unique and unlike any watch I’ve seen before.
I mean, come on.. a watch made out of wood?!
They’re awesome!
So when I went on their website and saw that they had watches for men..
well.. you know I had to get Josh one too.
Forcing him to match with me..
yes, I’m THAT girlfriend..
I can’t wait to see his reaction and catch him wearing his watch on our next date 😉
You can enter the giveaway for my subscribers by clicking HERE!
You could win a free watch AND everyone who enters will automatically receive $25 off!
Alright.. this one might seem like a lame gift to receive on Christmas but let me explain:
In boot camp, all of the soon-to-be Marines had to wear tighty whiteys
and Josh HATED it.
He only has a couple pairs of decent underwear with him
and has been begging me for some..
So this just might be his favorite part of his Christmas gift!
This is DEFINITELY my favorite part of his gift.
My mom has personalized M&Ms for family members in the past
and I always thought that it was the cutest idea in the world.
So when I got a nifty little coupon from them,
I decided to make Josh his very own M&Ms!
(Use code “HOLIDAYCHEER” by 12/20 for 25% off!)
I chose Marine Corps colors..
Wrote “I love you” and “PFC Vasquez”..
And included his favorite picture of us from his boot camp graduation!
I love that he’ll be able to feed his hungry tummy
AND remember how much I love him at the same time!
Hopefully the mushy, gushy picture and phrases
will keep his roommates out of his candy 😉
Before you think, “You bought your boyfriend leggings!?” let me explain:
They make mens leggings for wearing UNDER shorts or pants.
I bought Josh a really cool, army green colored pair
because he always says how cold he is
and they are fleece-lined…
so they’ll be perfect for wearing under his cammies so he doesn’t freeze his butt off!
Another thing that most guys might think would might be a lame Christmas present,
but Josh is going to be over the moon.
Some foods at the PX on base are a bit more expensive than they are out here in the civilian world.. and Gatorade powder is a bit harder to come by.
He doesn’t have the room to keep cases of Gatorade bottles in his room
so this will be perfect!
I’m also going to buy him a couple boxes of Mini Wheats
because $5 per box on base is CRAZY!
And that’s it!
Hope this list helped you finish off Christmas gifts for your main man…
and don’t forget to enter my JORD Wood Watch giveaway!
Stay tuned for a list of what I’m hoping for for Christmas this year 😉
Happy Holidays, friends!
Talk to you all soon!

Wooden Wristwatch