Carnival Cruise to Mexico!

I HAVE to start this post by giving my best friend
a HUGE shout out.
Halie took me on a cruise for my birthday/graduation and
it was a BLAST.
Because it was so much fun,
I just had to tell you all about it incase you are
looking for an inexpensive vacation
that is SO much fun.
DAY 1:
Day one was a mess.
We were stuck in traffic and BARELY made it onto the boat.
we ran through the doors with just three minutes
to spare and they let us on!
The employees were SO kind and helpful.
Carnival, thank you.
You guys are great.
So once we were on the boat,
we got settled,
ate dinner,
explored the boat..
and crashed.
DAY 2:
We made it to Ensenada
and decided to take a topless bus tour.
We got to see all over the city,
hopped off and had AMAZING tacos,
and even got to go to the infamous
Papas and Beer.
After we got back on the boat,
we ate.. a lot.
Went to a comedy show or two.
Went to the night club and danced ALL night.
It was an absolute blast.
DAY 3:
Today was spent at sea,
so we spent our day at the pool laying out.
We ate some more,
went to an “Epic Rock Show”
(think Rock of Ages)
and went to a Piano Bar
where we sat around a piano and sang classics all night.
Probably my favorite night.
DAY 4:
We were back in Long Beach
which meant it was time to get off the boat.
It was such a smooth process,
Carnival really has the whole process nailed.
I am SO glad we got to go on this trip.
Definitely wish we had more time in Mexico
but I guess that just means we will have to go back!
If you guys have any questions about the cruise
or Ensenada,
comment on this post or email me!
I’d be happy to help!
See you in the next post!

Where I’ve Been…

Hayley still writes her blog?

Say whaaat.

I know, I know.
It’s been forever since I’ve jumped on here and talked to you guys.
Needless to say,
I have been BUSY.
So let’s recap, shall we?
Major Events You Missed:
1. I TURNED 21!
I finished my last day of classes the day before my birthday so I got to sleep in, relax and enjoy a day to myself.. and study a bit for finals.
Paige bought me these awesome balloons and confetti poppers!
These were intense. I did not expect them to explode as big/loud as they did…
so if you are on the market for some crazy confetti explosives,
head to Party City.
Anyways, it was a great day. I had so much fun!



Dress: Shop Stevie – $42

I finally graduated from CSUB with my Bachelor’s in Biology!
I know it was only three years but let me tell you..
it felt like an eternity while it was happening but feels like only a couple of days in retrospect.
I am so grateful for all of the wonderful professors I had and the friends that I made.
I could not be any happier with the experience that I had
and I can’t wait to see what’s next.
3. I got to be a bridesmaid in my best friend’s wedding!
And try my hand at video graphing ūüėČ
In April, I got to watch Alexa marry Connor for eternity in the Oakland Temple!
It was absolutely beautiful, they are hilarious and I wish them all the best.
You can check out the video that I made of their special day by clicking HERE!



I think that’s it?
I have been working and finishing up school for the past few months.
Throw in a little Shop Stevie
and this post accurately sums up my life since…
well, since the semester started!



I am excited to start traveling
and exploring with all of my free time.
I can’t wait to take you all along with me.
Stay tuned!
P.S. Working on my own little photography gig so if you’re itching to have your photo taken, shoot me an email!

Gift Guide for Your Guy!

With finals happening right around Christmas time,
I always end up putting off my Christmas shopping…
But this year I tried to plan ahead!
if you’re anything like me and you still need some ideas,
let me help!
Buying gifts for Josh was a bit harder this year since he’s serving in the military.
He isn’t able to take a lot of things with him and rarely gets to wear civilian clothes
so that eliminated a lot of ideas for me.
(I like to buy clothes for him. Styling men is as fun as styling women for me!)
But, have no fear, I racked my brain
and came up with a list of things I knew he’d love and would find useful!
We’ll call this:
“Gift Guide for Your Guy- Marine Edition”
I recently received one of these watches for myself and fell in love.
The look of them is so unique and unlike any watch I’ve seen before.
I mean, come on.. a watch made out of wood?!
They’re awesome!
So when I went on their website and saw that they had watches for men..
well.. you know I had to get Josh one too.
Forcing him to match with me..
yes, I’m THAT girlfriend..
I can’t wait to see his reaction and catch him wearing his watch on our next date ūüėČ
You can enter the giveaway for my subscribers by clicking HERE!
You could win a free watch AND everyone who enters will automatically receive $25 off!
Alright.. this one might seem like a lame gift to receive on Christmas but let me explain:
In boot camp, all of the soon-to-be Marines had to wear tighty whiteys
and Josh HATED it.
He only has a couple pairs of decent underwear with him
and has been begging me for some..
So this just might be his favorite part of his Christmas gift!
This is DEFINITELY my favorite part of his gift.
My mom has personalized M&Ms for family members in the past
and I always thought that it was the cutest idea in the world.
So when I got a nifty little coupon from them,
I decided to make Josh his very own M&Ms!
(Use code “HOLIDAYCHEER” by 12/20 for 25% off!)
I chose Marine Corps colors..
Wrote “I love you” and “PFC Vasquez”..
And included his favorite picture of us from his boot camp graduation!
I love that he’ll be able to feed his hungry tummy
AND remember how much I love him at the same time!
Hopefully the mushy, gushy picture and phrases
will keep his roommates out of his candy¬†ūüėČ
Before you think, “You bought your boyfriend leggings!?” let me explain:
They make mens leggings for wearing UNDER shorts or pants.
I bought Josh a really cool, army green colored pair
because he always says how cold he is
and they are fleece-lined…
so they’ll be perfect for wearing under his cammies so he doesn’t freeze his butt off!
Another thing that most guys might think would might be a lame Christmas present,
but Josh is going to be over the moon.
Some foods at the PX on base are a bit more expensive than they are out here in the civilian world.. and Gatorade powder is a bit harder to come by.
He doesn’t have the room to keep cases of Gatorade bottles in his room
so this will be perfect!
I’m also going to buy him a couple boxes of Mini Wheats
because $5 per box on base is CRAZY!
And that’s it!
Hope this list helped you finish off Christmas gifts for your main man…
and don’t forget to enter my JORD Wood Watch giveaway!
Stay tuned for a list of what I’m hoping for for Christmas this year ūüėČ
Happy Holidays, friends!
Talk to you all soon!

Wooden Wristwatch

Winter Nightly Skincare Routine

Back at it again with the skin care
The progress that my skin has made in the past 4-5 months is REMARKABLE.
I have struggled with acne since puberty struck in middle school.
Unfortunately for me,
acne runs in the family so escaping it has been quite the challenge.
I tried everything:
Proactive, numerous visits to a dermatologist,
and every other skin care program you’ve seen.
Nothing. Worked.
I felt so disheartened…
People without acne don’t understand how it can affect your mental health.
When my acne is at its worst,
all I can think about when someone is talking to me is:
How does my face look? Do you think they notice? Is it bad today?
It’s a struggle all around.
my mom did some research for me because she knew how negatively it was affecting me
and came across Bakersfield Acne Care.
When I went for my consultation back in May, I was SO nervous.
I had been to Beautology but could not afford to pay thousands upon thousands of dollars
to fix my issue.
That just wasn’t in the cards for me.
After talking to Nondy for 30 minutes and having her test my skin,
she broke down the cost
and I realized it would be less than a fourth of what I would’ve paid elsewhere.
I was shocked…
I wanted to cry
(and I’m pretty sure I did when I got back in my car);
I was SO happy.
I have had so much progress since that day and it is amazing…
check it out!
One of my favorite things about Nondy is the fact that she takes the time to
break down the list of ingredients that you should avoid in skin care products!
It has helped me so much in choosing makeup, serums, face masks, etc.
Lucky for me,
Valentia continues to sell products that are nice and gentle on my skin!
Their Night Revive Retinol Serum has helped fix discoloring on my skin
and has made my skin so much softer and hydrated every morning.
I am so glad that I recently incorporated it into my nightly routine
because the results have been AWESOME.
Let’s jump right into the routine, shall we?
1. Face wash
I get this face wash from Nondy as a part of my skin care program.
The smell isn’t my favorite but I love how well it cleans without irritating my skin.
Something important I found out about acne:
if you have acne, DON’T EXFOLIATE.
This face wash is a gel because
exfoliating spreads the bacteria and can actually make your acne worse.
2. Toner
I used to use a toner from LUSH but some of the ingredients were not best for my pores,
so I stick to the one included in the program given to be by Nondy!
Toning your skin feels amazing and I’m bummed I barely got into it!
I go to bed feeling so fresh.
3. Acne Med
This acne medication is also given to me by Nondy to help combat breakouts.
I have acne scarring which can be taken care of…
but only if all of the active acne is gone,
so that is what this little guy does!
If I feel a zit coming on, I throw this on top at night and BOOM, gone!
This little bottle of magic leaves my skin feeling so hydrated every morning.
My skin is losing its discoloration and looks so hydrated and fresh!
Just throw it on before your nightly moisturizer and you will be set!
I wish you could all feel how soft my skin is
but I guess you’ll just have to take my word for it…
(Trust me, your skin will thank you.)
5. Moisturizer
Moisturizer is key here, people!
Take care of your skin while you are young so that wrinkles stay away!
I use the moisturizer given to me by Nondy to complete my system.
I have VERY oily skin in my T-zone and struggled to find a moisturizer
that wouldn’t make that problem worse…
and this one doesn’t!
And that’s a wrap for my face!
As for my body,
I bathe with Dove soap every night and
use Bath and Body Works lotion afterwards!
Moisture, moisture, moisture is all I have to say.
Thank you, Valentia, for sponsoring this post!
Your products are so natural and so good for my skin!
(Check out my post on one of their face masks by clicking HERE!)
I can’t wait to keep trying more of your products and
incorporating you into my routine.
Check out their social media by clicking these links!
If you guys like these types of posts,
let me know in the comments and I’ll keep it up!
Until next time, friends…
stay hydrated ūüėČ
P.S. If you want information about the products given to me at Bakersfield Acne Care, contact Nondy through the website.
She will set you up with the products that are right for you!
Sponsored by Valentia.
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Bye Bye, Pixie Cut!

You read that right:
I’m growing my hair out!
I know, I know…
it’s probably incredibly shocking considering how much effort
I put into finding the right pixie cut for me
I decided that I wanted to try longer hair again.
Don’t worry, I’m keeping it a couple inches above my shoulders.
I just want to try something new, ya know!?
And besides, if I decide I hate it,
I’ll cut it right back off!
That’s why I LOVE hair.
once I made the decision to grow my hair out again,
I started looking into different hair products that could help keep my hair
extra healthy so that it would grow faster!
Lucky for me,
I stumbled across HASK Superfruit Hair products and am so glad I did!
Let me break it down for you:
1. Scent
I am a huge smell person when it comes to beauty products so I always need my shampoo and conditioner to smell nice or I won’t be happy.
This set has such a nice, subtle, fruity scent.. I love it.
2. Ingredients
The formula for this line is BOMB.
They don’t include any harsh ingredients that will be harmful to your hair and
even mention the fact that your hair will get shinier! Yay!
3. Quality
You know how hotel soap and shampoo is never quite up to par?
Your hair feels dry and slightly crispy after each use.
That is DEFINITELY not the case with these products.
I have been using the shampoo and conditioner every day for a month
and used the deep conditioner four times in that month
and could not be happier with how soft and healthy my hair feels!
My sister started using the shampoo and conditioner because I told her how much it helped with the frizz in my hair..
and she loves it too!
With my hair this healthy,
I’ll have my long hair back in no time!
So, if you are feeling at a loss for good hair products,
check out HASK!
Your hair will thank you,
just like mine is thanking me!
I can’t wait to keep sharing my beauty tips and tricks with you all…
And let’s hope this isn’t the last we hear of HASK
because they have a few more products I’m dying to try ūüėČ
Talk to you all soon!
Sponsored by HASK.
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Brazilian Acai Bowl

I am going to keep this post short and sweet…
Just like every acai bowl I get from Brazilian Acai Bowl.
(I say short because I eat it so fast it never lasts me very long. OOPS!)
If you follow me on Snapchat,
you know that I have been a bit obsessed with acai bowls lately.
I would have to drive all the way downtown just to get one
and pray that I made it by the time they closed at 7 every night.
the universe decided to work in my favor and
this place opened up right down the street from my house!
BONUS: They don’t close until 9 every day (and 10 on Fridays!) so I am able to get out of class and still have time to get my bowl before I head home.
If you aren’t already sold by all of the awesome perks, let me just say…
There is something special about a family-owned business and
that is DEFINITELY the case here.
The owners are SO kind every single time I walk in the door and
really do their best to make you feel like a part of the family.
Not to mention the fact that they offer $1 off any time, every day
for students and teachers!
Needless to say,
when I first ran into Brazilian Acai Bowls 10 minutes before they closed and hurriedly ordered my bowl, I thought to myself:
“I’ll surely never be able to show my face here again because I’m THAT guy who walks in right before closing.”
But they made me feel right at home…
And now?
I’m there almost every day!
My favorite is the Gorilla Bowl:
Acai, peanut butter, granola, bananas and strawberries.
Yes, please!
So go get yourself some acai (or one of their amazing juices);
you won’t regret it!
Show some extra lovin’ to locally owned businesses!
Alright, guys..
Time for me to go.
I actually need to go buy myself some acai before my last class starts
so I will talk to you again soon!
P.S. Have you checked out my new Shop Stevie site yet?
My inventory is updated weekly so go, go, go!
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