I’m On The Edge

It is about time I whipped out this look.
I have been planning this outfit for way too long…
I just couldn’t find the time to shoot it.
I saw this tee in Forever 21 and figured:
“Eh, I can never have too many shirts telling people my favorite hobby, right?”
Even if I’m wrong, I still bought it.
The little rips are SO cute.
I struggled to get behind that trend for a bit…
but think that in good taste, it’s cute!

Graphic Tee: Forever 21– $12.90

These jeans!
First of all,
I am in shock that I found pants in the petite sizes that fit me
because heaven knows, I am certainly not petite.
black pants that I actually like!
I am super picky when it comes to pants
so for me to settle on a pair is nothing short of a miracle.

Pants: Spoiled Rotten– $45

*If the price tag on the jeans scares you, don’t worry.. You’re not alone. Wait for a sale!*
And, of course, you all knew I’d bring back these booties.
They disappeared for a bit over summer…
But they are back ūüėČ
Yes, I did jump on the choker bandwagon.
I gotta say,
I think chokers are perfect for girls with short hair…
It draws the attention and looks dramatic and…
I can definitely get behind this trend.

Choker: Claire’s– $6.50


Watch (similar): Charming Charlie– $25

I am actually in the process of growing my hair out.
SHOCKER, I know.
I just decided one day:
“If I end up liking it better short, I’ll just cut it off again.”
So, if you notice me sporting a mullet over the next couple months…
Don’t judge me too harshly, okay?
That’s a wrap, folks!
Short and sweet today.
Just HAD to get this outfit out there.
Talk to you all soon, yeah?
P.S. Have you checked out my Shop Stevie inventory?!
Do it! Your fall wardrobe will thank you!
PC: my cute sis. luv u boo.
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Why Hello, LuLaRoe!

I told y’all that I’d be back with another steal from¬†LuLaRoe¬†ūüėČ
I was really feeling that¬†dress¬†from Sunday, weren’t you?
I love that it is perfect for transitioning from summer to fall.
In fact, I love ALL pieces like that.
Light weight material but dark colors go a looong way in my book.
You can always throw on tights, a sweater, booties, a scarf..
Anything to make an outfit more warm.
So if it has those fall colors already?
Guuurl, you are SET.
Fortunately, that is the case for this next outfit!
I scored this adorable skirt that fits like a glove!
Sizing is a bit strange through LuLaRoe..
(be sure to ask your rep questions about sizing; sizing is everything here, folks!)
but I found the perfect size for me!
Like I mentioned on Sunday,
there are only 2,500 of each print+style combo made!
So, you can score the comfy fit of this skirt in several different patterns!
I love that about LuLaRoe…
It gives you the option of taking a fit that you like and matching it to a pattern you love!

Skirt:¬†LuLaRoe (Anne & Kassy)– ONLY $30 WITH MY COUPON CODE (“Hayley5”)

This deep red/maroon is SO in this season,
so you all KNOW I am all about this skirt.
And if you haven’t caught on yet..
I am OBSESSED with floral.
Don’t worry, I have ALOT of that coming too ūüėČ
My reps, Kassy and Anne, set me up with the best!
They have been so helpful and sweet..
Exactly what you should look for in a rep!
It helps having a rep you get along with well because they are more likely to get to know your style and keep an eye out for pieces for you in the future!
If you want to know how shopping through them works, just click HERE and scroll down!
You can find all the details about pop-up shops, open boutique hours and online shopping through that link!

Necklace: Charming Charlie


Shoes: Just Fab


I got this shirt initially to wear with the skirt..
But after throwing it on one morning
with some leggings, sandals and a statement necklace..
I KNEW that was the way to go with this top.
So comfy and casual..
But so easily dressed up.
If you haven’t caught on yet,
I love things that can be dressed up or down.
As a college student who is constantly on the go, it makes my life a whole lot easier when I can throw something on and run out the door.

T-Shirt: LuLaRoe (Anne & Kassy)РONLY $30 WITH MY COUPON CODE

Take Monday morning for example:
It was the first day of school and I was almost late because I spent 30 minutes of my morning helping my sister pick out her outfit and do her makeup.. And I may or may not have danced around my room to “Girlfriend” by Avril Lavigne but that’s another story for another time ūüėČ
Don’t worry.
More on this top will be coming soon ūüėČ
And that’s a wrap, friends!
I have absolutely loved working with Kassy and Anne..
And filling you guys in on all things LuLaRoe!
Don’t forget to use my code “Hayley5” to¬†save $5 on your first purchase
because who doesn’t love saving money?!
I am so happy to be back on the blogging scene..
I go too long without talking to you all
and realize I miss it way more than I ever imagined I would.
I will talk to you all again on Friday!
Stay trendy ūüėČ
PSA: For a limited time,¬†Charming Charlie’s¬†jewelry is 40% off! Go, go, go!
PC: My AWESOME sister blew me away, once again.
I tell her my idea and she delivers, every time.
Thanks, Paige!
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*This code will only be honored if used through Kassy and Anne. Other LuLaRoe reps are not required to honor said code.

For My LuLaRoe Lovers!



I don’t know how I am so late to the¬†LuLaRoe¬†craze…

To put things into perspective:
My mom owned LuLaRoe clothing before I did.
I know, I know.
I’m late to the show…
But fashionably late ūüėČ

“Julia” Dress: LuLaRoe (Anne and Kassy)– ONLY $40 WITH MY CODE!

Check out this dress!
Come on, how could I not immediately fall in love?
I am all for dresses that can be dressed up OR down.
I loved dressing it up with a belt and some heels…
But am currently lounging on my couch
after a day in the same dress with my favorite Vans.
It’s a win-win!
Fun Fact:
There are only 2,500 of each piece made in each print.
Know what that means?
The chances of a fashion disaster out in public are slim to none!
You will be feeling one of a kind, just like I was!
As if the clothes weren’t compelling enough on their own,
I love the convenience of the entire system!
They have a method that works for everyone:
1. Attend a pop-up shop.
At a pop-up shop, you have the opportunity to see the clothing in person, get a feel for the fabric and the fit, and purchase on the spot!
2. Shop online.
If you’re like me, you prefer shopping in the comfort of your own home.
(I have a VERY difficult time focusing, so alone on my computer helps me get the job done)
 I also think it is SO important to build a relationship with your rep!
Once she has helped you snag a few outfits, she’ll get a taste for your style and be able to keep an eye out for you when new pieces arrive!
I got SO lucky with the two local reps that I connected with!
Anne¬†and¬†Kassy¬†were so helpful and found me exactly what I wanted…
even when¬†I didn’t know what I wanted!
BONUS: They were generous enough to offer each of my followers
$5 off their first purchase!
Simply mention the code “Hayley5” online or in-person and save some money!

Shoes: Just Fab- $39; Jewelry: Charming Charlie

Good news: You DO NOT have to be local to shop with Anne and Kassy!
They have a Facebook page open EVERY Thursday that you can shop on.
It’s so convenient and easy to use, since it’s right on Facebook!
When you see an item you like,
comment “sold” on the photo and they will contact you about the rest!
Click HERE to be taken straight to their page!
(Yes, my code applies here!)
Great news: If you ARE local, they have open boutique hours EVERY Tuesday and Thursday!
Stop by the address below between 2 and 4 to shop until you drop!
Bring your friends, ride solo…
Whatever floats your boat!
Just don’t miss out on these great looks!
(Yay! My code works here too!)
Address for boutique hours:
2533 Radiance Dr.
Bakersfield, CA 93304
Want to host a pop-up shop at your own house?
Your friends can come shop, talk, and spend time together…
All while enjoying cute clothes!
Anne and Kassy do that too, so feel free to email them at:
Don’t forget to stay up-to-date on all their new arrivals by following their Instagram!
Click HERE!
I pretty much experienced a whole 30 minutes of word vomit because I was so excited to write about this dress and couldn’t type fast enough to keep up with my thoughts.
After MANY typos and fixes, I think I got it all out!
I am so happy with this dress…
But it doesn’t stop there!
I have another look coming Wednesday ūüėČ
So stay tuned.
Until then, friends.
*This coupon code is only valid through Anne and Kassy!
No other LuLaRoe reps will honor this code.
PC: A HUGE thank you to my lovely sister, Paige, for taking all of these photos!
She is so cute, talented and willing to tell me when I look awkward!
I think I’ll keep her ūüėČ
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It’s here.
The post that I have been looking forward to since I thought up the idea is finally here…
We took photos for this shoot on May 12th and I have been patiently (sorta!) waiting to get them back so that I could pour my heart out in this post!
While I am fully aware that both men and women experience body image issues, especially during young adulthood, I think that those issues weigh heavily on women.
The way that society tends to portray women makes body image the focal point.
I am no exception to this issue.
As many of you know, I am 6’0″ tall.
If that wasn’t enough of a shocker and reason to feel insecure,
I certainly do not have a model body.
You won’t be seeing me grace the cover of a Victoria’s Secret catalog any time soon..
But in society, that is what we are told to shoot for.
That’s what men look for.
While I am not proud of it, I let these issues dictate my life for about 4 years.
I was about 16 years old when I let these issues consume my life and began wearing and doing what I thought would make me fit in and feel some sort of self worth.
Four years later, I look back at my sixteen year old self and wish that I could tell her what I am going to tell each of you today:
You have more worth contained in your mortal body
than you will ever be able to comprehend on this Earth.
It took me far longer than I hope it takes any of you to realize this statement is true.
However, it is certainly better late than never.
I am so happy and grateful that I still have time left to fix the mistakes I have made
and encourage others to do the same.
I am excited to grow in my newly found self worth
and to share those same feelings with others.
These excitements and new found happinesses led me to this post idea:
I wanted to get a group of VERY different, VERY beautiful girls together..
And it wasn’t too hard.
I am so proud of each of these girls and the kind things that they had to say about each other, even when they thought that I wasn’t listening.
From outfit compliments to skin compliments to words of encouragement as we each took our turn in front of the camera,
it was a BLAST working with each of these girls
and I hope I get to work with them again in the future.
So let’s get to it!
Let me introduce you to my Trendy Girls who represent (almost) ALL BODIES.
Anywhere Morgan goes, she is the life of the party.
She is so much fun, absolutely hilarious,
and is one of the most kind people I have ever met.
Not to mention her killer style.. I am LOVING the colors in her look.
You killed it, Morgan.

Faith is FIERCE with a capital F.

I mean, come on.
Just look at that pose.
I saw her wear this dress to prom and practically begged her to wear it for this shoot..
It is gorgeous.
You’re the best, Faith.
I understand the definition of “slay” now.
Paige just so happens to be my favorite girl that participated in this shoot..
But I am a bit biased considering she is my sister.
She is a total crack-up and truly lives up to the blonde stereotype!
And let’s not forget how absolutely GORGEOUS she is.
Hello, Cinderella.
Love you, Paige.
Thanks for being such a cute little sister.
Denae is SO sweet and soft spoken.
Doesn’t she look like a modern day Pocahontas?
She is gorgeous!
As soon as she walked up, I could tell she was a total sweetheart..
And I was not wrong!
Denae, your style is on point. I love it.

Wanna talk about one of the coolest girls you’ll ever meet?

Let me tell you about my girl, Lexie, then.

She drives a truck, is SO outgoing and welcoming to everyone,
and can make just about anyone laugh.
She is about as cool as they come..
And dresses like it too.
So cute and comfy, I am dying over her outfit.
I need it.
Oh, hey!
That’s me!
My top is from Shop Stevie which I have absolutely fallen in love with..
(I’m trying to become a rep so stay tuned!)
I had so much fun dressing up for this shoot and meeting all of the girls.
Marleen is SO SWEET.
I had never met her before and was blown away by how sweet she is.
She was so kind to the other girls
and was willing to try just about anything to get a good shot!
Marlene, thank you SO much for coming out.
You really made an impact on the whole energy of the group.
If you’ve never seen Sarah before, you surely will soon.
Sarah is jumping into the modeling scene
(which explains why her photos look bomb)
and is totally killing it.
I was so excited to bring her along with the group and hang out with her..
Sarah, thanks for showing us how it’s done ūüėČ
I have known Alyssa since my freshman year of high school
(which was about six years ago)
and there’s a reason we were called The Twin Towers.
She is just as tall as I am!
Her hair, her outfit, her hilarious personality..
EVERYONE loved Alyssa and I KNOW you would too.
Thanks, twin.
You’re the best.
Nia is so unique and spunky!
We started talking about where we all bought our clothes from and she said:
“I got all of this from Goodwill! Fashion on a budget isn’t hard.”
Her style is so different and SO affordable!
Nia, it was so nice to meet you!
You have such a cute personality!
 OMG Natalie!
She is so sweet and fun!
Everyone loved her kind personality and little comments.
In fact, I loved working with her so much I asked her to model for my online boutique..
I can’t wait to shoot with her again!

And that’s a wrap!


Thank you so much for stopping by..

Please don’t ever forget that you are beautiful in whatever body you were given!

P.S. A HUGE thank you to the beautiful girls who helped make this post a reality! I had so much fun meeting each of you and know you will all do amazing things in life! I hope I get to work with each of you again. xo.
Snapchat: haymart111
PC: Simply Sadie Photography

Aro & Co. Is Back Fo’ Mo’


Aro & Company is killing it AGAIN with this skirt.

I am all about dressing business-like..
Like I have said before, I used to tell my mom I wanted an office job just for the clothes.
Then I grew up and realized that anyone can dress like that…
So my job interests opened up a bit ūüėČ

Skirt: Aro & Company– ON SALE FOR $8.99

I LOVE that this pencil skirt is cotton/stretchy.
The gathered material of the skirt looks so flattering and slimming!
I was so happy to throw it on with my favorite pink blazer and work it.
The cool thing about this skirt is that it can just as easily be dressed down!
Since it’s a cotton-y material, you can easily throw it on with a cute t-shirt or tank top and rock it with sandals.

Blazer: Walmart (similar)– $20

I will DEFINITELY be headed back to Aro & Co. soon
to keep updating my summer wardrobe.
So modest, so cute, and so girly.
And, my favorite part, completely affordable!
Your wallet will not be cursing your name after stopping by their site..
I promise.
(Unless you go crazy and attempt to own the entire store like I tend to do. Oops.)

Necklace: Charming Charlie (similar)– $13; Bracelets: Charming Charlie– $10


Shoes: Target– ON SALE FOR $17.24

Finding boutiques like this one make me so excited because
they always sell unique pieces that are difficult to find elsewhere!
Want to see what else I scored from Aro & Company?
Click HERE!
And if you still haven’t checked out their website,
do it now by clicking HERE!
You can even shop their Instagram by clicking HERE!
Buy this skirt and stay classy, friends.
Killing it while on the job just got a whole lot easier!
Happy Wednesday, guys!

Talk to y’all soon!


PC: Simply Sadie Photography.

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J-Chillin’ With the Jenners

I am probably incredibly late to the game here buuuut…
I just recently started shopping at Pac Sun
and I am surprised by how cute their clothes are!
I am especially into the Kendall and Kylie collection!
While I am not a huge fan of their family, I LOVE their style!
It is so cute/boho.
So naturally, as I was shopping and came across this top in the sale section
I HAD to get it.
And I ended up loving it even more than I thought I would!
It is so cute, fits great, and makes my summer heart SO happy.
As for my pants, I bought them at Ross a couple years back.
With Ross, it honestly just takes patience and time.
You have to sift through a bunch of useless clothing to find that diamond in the rough.
My favorite white sandals are from Charming Charlie (of course).
And.. Surprise, surprise.. So is my jewelry!
That’s it, folks!
This is EASILY one of my new favorite summer go-tos.
I can’t wait to show you more!
Until then..