Fall Trends: Patterns | 2017

First things first,
I know it’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post…
let alone a blog post about clothes.
I am back and ready to get this ball rolling again…
because truthfully,
I’ve missed it a lot.
Second order of business,
I’m thinking about making this “Fall Trends” thing a mini series,
what do you all think?
Maybe talk about my favorite fall trends and give some examples?
I suppose we will try it out with this post and see how it goes!
So let’s get started.
I want to start by giving a HUGE shoutout
to Cleo Madison for collaborating with me on this post.
Isn’t this dress adorable?!

Dress: Cleo Madison– $32

Since we are on the subject of the dress now,
let’s talk the details!
I have to start by mentioning the biggest selling point for me…
do you see how long this dress is!?
It’s actually long enough for me!
6’0″ tall, ME!
That, in and of itself, is amazing.
I also love it because even if you aren’t as tall as I am,
midi length dresses are really in right now.
So if I wasn’t already over the moon about the dress because of the length,
the fabric is super soft,
the pattern is adorable
(I am all about black, white and pink/mauve this fall. Don’t even get me started.)
the fit is great,
and who can forget the pockets?!
I guess what I’m trying to say is…
I found a winner!
So thank you, Cleo Madison!
This dress is perfect for fall
and I can’t wait to throw it on with a long, black duster as it cools down here in Bakersfield.
As for my adorable bag,
y’all ready know…
Charming Charlie!

Bag (similar): Charming Charlie– ON SALE for $16

I’ve talked about them on my blog…
well, since I started my blog.
And I don’t anticipate that changing anytime soon!
My shoes are Shop Stevie and I am in LOVE.
They look exactly like a Steve Madden pair I have seen at Nordstrom
for more than double the price.
So.. thank you, Shop Stevie, for making my shoe dreams come true
without breaking the bank!

Shoes: Shop Stevie– $42

Let me know what you all think about posts like this!
I’d love to keep showing my favorite fall trends and outfit ideas
as it *hopefully* starts to cool down here.
Thanks for sticking with me
and I can’t wait to talk to you all again soon!
P.S. Guys, isn’t Sadie killing it with these photos?!
If you haven’t already, check out her stuff.

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