Carnival Cruise to Mexico!

I HAVE to start this post by giving my best friend
a HUGE shout out.
Halie took me on a cruise for my birthday/graduation and
it was a BLAST.
Because it was so much fun,
I just had to tell you all about it incase you are
looking for an inexpensive vacation
that is SO much fun.
DAY 1:
Day one was a mess.
We were stuck in traffic and BARELY made it onto the boat.
we ran through the doors with just three minutes
to spare and they let us on!
The employees were SO kind and helpful.
Carnival, thank you.
You guys are great.
So once we were on the boat,
we got settled,
ate dinner,
explored the boat..
and crashed.
DAY 2:
We made it to Ensenada
and decided to take a topless bus tour.
We got to see all over the city,
hopped off and had AMAZING tacos,
and even got to go to the infamous
Papas and Beer.
After we got back on the boat,
we ate.. a lot.
Went to a comedy show or two.
Went to the night club and danced ALL night.
It was an absolute blast.
DAY 3:
Today was spent at sea,
so we spent our day at the pool laying out.
We ate some more,
went to an “Epic Rock Show”
(think Rock of Ages)
and went to a Piano Bar
where we sat around a piano and sang classics all night.
Probably my favorite night.
DAY 4:
We were back in Long Beach
which meant it was time to get off the boat.
It was such a smooth process,
Carnival really has the whole process nailed.
I am SO glad we got to go on this trip.
Definitely wish we had more time in Mexico
but I guess that just means we will have to go back!
If you guys have any questions about the cruise
or Ensenada,
comment on this post or email me!
I’d be happy to help!
See you in the next post!

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